Flourish Children's Yoga can help schools use yoga to benefit their children in a number of ways.

Yoga in the Curriculum
Are you looking to introduce yoga to the curriculum? Many schools, both Primary and Secondary, are using yoga to support children in PE, RPE and PSHE. As a trained teacher (MA Ed, Exeter University - includes PGCE Primary)  I can come in to teach one-off sessions to support topic work, a block of lessons to support wellbeing, do group work with children identified with SEN or on a regular basis to cover PPA. Contact me to find out how we might work together to bring all the benefits of yoga to your young people within school. 

Yoga Taster Days

Flourish Children's Yoga runs day long taster days to allow all the children in your school to experience yoga. Introducing children to breathing techniques, some poses and the philosophy behind yoga in a fun packed mini-session can form part of a Wellbeing Week or whole school theme. Contact me to find out more!

Training for Teachers

Train your teachers to deliver yoga and mindfulness activities as part of their ongoing professional development either at an afterschool staff meeting or during an INSET day. Empowering teachers to deliver yoga not only benefits the young people in their care but can also support the wellbeing of the teachers themselves. Contact me if you are interested in working with us to develop a training session. 

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