About me

I am a trained children’s yoga instructor, primary school teacher (MA Ed Exeter University) and  artist and I am passionate about sharing my love of yoga with young people.


My yoga journey was inspired and is nurtured by a series of wonderful teachers, the first of which I encountered as a teenager. Mrs Varma was my PE teacher. She also practised yoga and I would persuade her to teach us yoga poses even when we were meant to be doing gymnastics or hockey - and I loved it! From this small start I sought out opportunities to do yoga whenever I could. I have now been doing yoga for twenty five years and I am so excited to be using my experience to benefit children.


I did my Foundation Children’s Yoga Teacher training with YogaBeez in August 2018 and completed my Advanced training, also with YogaBeez, in February 2019. My training included studying the many aspects of yoga, mindfulness and meditation linked to the developmental stages and anatomy of children aged 2-18 years. Furthermore I developed my knowledge and understanding of yoga poses, breathing techniques, relaxation and guided imagery appropriate to each age group and to individuals with special needs. The training is accredited by Yoga Alliance International.

My training is ongoing as there is always more to learn and share!

To book a class please call or email using the details below or use the contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!



Hello and welcome to Flourish Children's Yoga!

The wonder of children's yoga brought to East Devon.


Flourish Children's Yoga runs classes for children and young people in the East Devon area to experience the many benefits of practising yoga in a fun, inclusive and enriching way. 


The word yoga means  join, yolk, unite or merge. Yoga seeks to integrate the body with the mind and the mind with the soul, thereby helping us to understand our own nature and to live in harmony with each other and the universe. In today’s busy world of smart phones, iPads, social media and the pressure to perform yoga can provide children with the perfect tools to flourish.


There are so many benefits of yoga for young people:

  • Improves posture, flexibility, strength, balance and coordination
  • Increases awareness of breathing and emotions
  • Strategies for coping with stress and anxiety
  • Relaxes and promotes better sleep
  • Engages the mind with its creative potential
  • Teaches self-respect and respect for the world around them
  • Builds a foundation for lifelong wellbeing
  • Is a non-competitive activity that people of all abilities can enjoy
  • Quietens the mind and aids concentration
  • Fitness for both mind and body


Flourish Yoga Mission Statement

Flourish Children’s Yoga aims to give young people the tools to better understand themselves for their health and well-being. Yoga helps children to see their place in this world, to know that they are valued and that they have the power to make positive changes. Our goal is to provide creative, fun and informative yoga that inspires the next generation to be amazing people. We help children flourish!

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Email: hello@flourish-yoga.co.uk

Phone: 07579 041685

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